Ambassador Card benefits for AMA(SA) members

Finance Sector Union

In September 2006 the Finance Sector Union engaged Mr Tony Ingleton, proprietor of the Ambassador Card, to enter a three year contractual arrangement whereby he provided the services of the Ambassador Card product to all existing and new FSU members. The ambassador Card logo was printed on the reverse side of the members’ normal FSU membership card thereby enabling them to use the card to access the benefits of the program at participating outlets.

In addition to the point-of-sale savings available to FSU members upon production of their cards at restaurants, hotels, tourism attractions, entertainment industry offers and other leisure and lifestyle promotions and in addition to their retail buying service called Spendless, Ambassador undertook to promote, supply and fully administer the distribution to our members of Coles Cards and Woolworths Wish Cards at a rate 5% cheaper than that publicly available. A range of other similar cards at popular major brand outlets is also now available.

At all times during our involvement with Mr Ingleton and the Ambassador Card staff, we have found them extremely professional, helpful and enthusiastic in their approach to our relationship and their attitude to our members. They are thorough in their follow-up to enquiries and they readily embrace any suggestions we have put forward to enhance the quality of their product even further. They have displayed a common sense and flexibility approach in prompt resolution of any unexpected questions and issues which have arisen.

For their part, FSU members have embraced the Ambassador product with unbridled enthusiasm. For instance, the statistics for the Coles and Woolworths Cards during the calendar year 2015 alone showed our members spending well in excess of $460,000 or just over $9,000 every week. It is of some considerable satisfaction to us that our members are able to obtain a day-in day-out saving of 5% in addition to all other special offers available on the core life essentials of food, clothing and fuel as well as in a range of other discretionary spending areas.

We are happy to recommend Ambassador to other unions, associations, special interest groups or any broad membership based organisation. I am more than happy to be contacted to provide further information any interested parties may need or to share any further details of our experience.

Roger Lowrey
FSU Member Service Co-ordinator